Saturday, December 27, 2008


OK so  I had a great christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a digital camera, shoes, cloths, 2 angels and airwaves cds, david archuelta cd, and yeah stuff !!! :D I put a playlist of my favorite songs from all 3 cds at the bottom!

i got boots and these shoes...
THis was christmas day at my grandma and grandpas house with my cousins!

yeah kinda a short post.. but i did have a great christmas!! 

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hey this is just an update on my week :D

Tuesday for young woman's we did this pie auction and it was so much fun cuz like no one was there and i got some really good treats!

Wednesday- temple
Wednesday morning i went to do baptisms for the dead and i LOVED it!
I really didnt want to leave! This was my 2nd time in the temple doing baptisms. I just love
it cuz no one is swearing and doing bad things, unlike school. When ur outside of the temple and u are standing in front of it it is so beautiful cuz the moutians are behind it and its just so gorgeous!

Thursday- thanksgiving
Thursday was thanksgiving and it was a lot of fun!
i had like one helping of everything and like 9 helpings of stuffing!
my cousins came for dinner and then my other cousins came after dinner! it was a lot of fun!

Friday- twilight
Friday i went to go see twilight with my cousin and grandma and i really liked it! I read the first book and really didnt like it. After seeing the movie I understand i little more and I will probably read the rest of the books now! I am not a freak or anything but i just like it more now! my favorite part was when they were playing baseball. Aunt Kim was that ur favorite or was it when they were in the meadow??????

This is silly but my life is going by so fast!! next month it will be 2009 and i will be 14. then a year will pass very fast and i will be 15.... and then one more year and i will be 16 and two more years will go by fast and i will be 18....uuuggghhh!!!

lol yeah....

Friday, November 28, 2008

Just saw twilight and REALLY liked it!
i might read the rest of the books now!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hey this is our new dog Maxx!!!! isnt he so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 hes a shitzu.
When u run really fast, he chases u it so funny!!!
he looks like a bunny or something!
We got him last friday
Eating his food


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Party!!!!

K so me and my Friends went to the Halloween drama club party, which WAS SO MUCH FUN!!
Me and my friend Miriam and Mackenzie went together.  I didnt know what to be so I was just an 80's girl!! I decided that at last minuet!  I had a sign on my back that said 1980 so people would know who I was but some people thought I was an American idol contestant cuz of the number!!! Miriam was a fairy and Mackenzie was a baby. We played a game when we got there. The game was u had to grab an Orange with ur neck out of the other persons neck. yeah.....
Then they played music and had doughnuts and root beer. Me and my friend Brooke and mackenzie and some other people were like dancing and having so much fun!!! Then this kid, named Casey comes over and hes all dancing and being so funny. That kid is freakin HILARIOUS!! lol!!!  Then we went in the spook ally and at the first part of it they were playing the barney song and I started singing along and my friends like ''Kelsey u know this song by heart huh?'' LOL!!! The spook ally wasnt really that scary but every one said it was. Then we played ''do u love your neighbor?'' and that game WAS SO FREAKIN FUN!!!! 
Then we did a costume cat walk and voted on the scariest, random, creative, etc. and I actually did the cat walk which was so much fun!!!! My friend Machelle was a fairy, and my friend Julie is in the counsel and was a orphan.  My other two friends were banannas !!! I love going to drama club,  I have lots of friends there too so it makes it so much fun!!!!

This is me and Miriam before we left. I wore one of my moms old prom dresses, with white tights, high heels, and purple makeup, and curly big hair LOL it was a great costume!!!! 

It was a great night!!!!!
(dont forget to scroll down)


Halloween  was so much fun! At school it was kinda gay because our teachers gave us quizzes and tests and stuff so it was kinda stupid..... And all the elementary schools could dress up, and all the high schools, and not us. ;(  ( i dont really care though) i know we dont need parties and stuff its not like we're 4, but still............... The only cool teachers was my foods teacher that like decorated this part of the room were we could get drinks and we made treats and stuff. Then in my U.S. history class we learned about the history of witches. Then I came home and went to macys and then got my hair done. Then I had chille and scones for dinner it was so yummy. Then my friend heather came to my house and we did our makeup and stuff. Then we went to papa Murphy's to get free cookie dough with my mom and alex, and Alex's friends. Alexs friends were so funny because they were like all gothic and so they all fit and they didnt even plan it. lol! Then me and heather blasted music and handed out candy with the music blasting.. we got some comments on it !! (the music) Then latter on we wernt getting a lot of trick-or- treaters so we played the Jonas brothers and a swarm of girls came!! lol! Then when my parents got home we went to get doughnut at her neighbors and tried to trick-or-treat at my friends houses but they wernt there. Then we came back and talked to my neighbor for a while, and then we watched ''signs'' so it was a fun night!!!!!

Alex was the lead singer of green day (really looked like him), Brooke a pirate, spencer a vampire, and amber was Cinderella.  Our families costumes were kinda darker this year (not Amber's though!)

Monday, October 27, 2008


Thanks so much for doing my background aunt Kim, i love it!

sorry for changing my mind so much!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

High School Musical 3

I went to see High school Musical 3 on Friday and it was so good!! It was really cheesy in some parts but it was also HILARIOUS. Im not like obsessed with HSM or anything... but i liked it!! 

The stupid movie theater was so dumb!! The movie stoped cause the fire alarm went off or something, so we had to leave and go in front and wait, then it went off again right when troy was telling which college he chose  so.... yeah pretty stupid.. but i liked it, it was funny, and good, but kinda cheesy- but still good!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

4 Wheeling

This  was last saturday 4 wheeling with my friend heather.... It was so much fun I love 4 wheeling!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My siblings

I am going to write why I love my siblings, i know i did this a while back but this is kinda different.And this is in no order its just how it uploaded my pictures!

Why I love Amber:
-She is FUNNY!
-fun to talk to
-it so funny when I start singing she tries to sing a long, like she will try to say the words.
-last night I brought home a clay turtle and she grabbed it so I said ''amber give it back, that mine!'' and she goes ''but I like him, hes a turtle!!''
-and lots more

Why I love Spencer:
-his laugh, is HILARIOUS!
-He is so nice I will be like ''hey spence'' and he will reply back ''hey'' and most of the time my other siblings just ignore me!

- hes really cool, like one time I was reading him a book and he was so nice and funny
-Its fun to see his reaction when he goes high on the tramp
-and lots more

Why I love Brooke:
-She is so FUNNY!!!
-She talks in this really high voice when i beg her!!
-does weird but funny poses
-acts out hilarious things!!
-fun to make her go high on the tramp
-she tells me who her crushes are :O
-and much more

Why I love Alex:
-hes FUNNY
-when I tease him he usually doesn't make a big deal out of it (usually)
-we can talk to each other about stuff (favorite bands, what happened at school, etc...)
-Its fun when I give him piggy back rides
-Its fun chasing him and playing around
-and much more

Thats why I love my siblings!!!!  if I dont get enough votes on that poll I am not going to write the post I was going to write.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I was super bored today so I did this cool Halloween thing. I am kinda exited for Halloween this year, but Im kinda sad that I cant trick or treat this year but I am exited to have a party with one of my friends!! for this vid. thing I couldnt find any good pictures. These ones are from TWO years ago. Alex was a nerd, Brooke was Ariel, Amber a bee, and spencer buzz, So yeah sorry they are really old. This was my funnest Halloween. I went with two friends and got loads of candy!! Oh yeah and I was a baby. :O I kept teasing Alex saying ''hey alex ummm this is halloween ur supposed to DRESS UP!!''So I will write about halloween this year when its over and i'll have pictures of this year. So enjoy it!!

Click to play Halloween!!!
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

....:*Ambers Birthday!!*....:

This is Ambers Birthday! It was so fun! We went to the movies and we saw the movie ''space chimps''. its pretty funny. :D! Then we went to a Mexican restaurant, And the people that worked there sang to amber. Then we came home and did ice cream and cake. We did presents before we did the movies and stuff. She got EVERYTHING princess.  Some things that she got were: Cinderella dress, Cinderella Polly pockets, sleeping beauty barbie, princess chap stick,  princess camera. And other things ''princess''. 
                              Here she is with her cake

                           With her presents
               With her Cinderella dress :D
                             Waiting for us to come down 
                               Playing with toys

It was a fun party and I think she liked it too! :D

....:*NO MORE BRACES!!*:....

OK so this was forever ago but yeah these are me new teeth in case any one hasent seen them yet. This was also on the first day of school. :D

Sorry the second picture is kinda weird.... not my best pic. 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

....:*B day Party!*:....

K so I  when to a bday party on Friday and it was so much fun!! Me and mackenzie went! Before the party my mom took me to wall mart to look for a present and so mackenzie came too. We decided to get her a fake tiny baby present and then surprise her latter with the real present. K so the fake present was little Minny mouse hair ties for babies!! The real one was money, kit kats, and bracelets. It was so funny cuz at Wall mart I lost my mom so we went to the page guy and we were like ''will u page my mom'' and hes like  ''should i say we have a lost mommmyyy?'' lol. But we told him not to say that. While he was paging we were laughing so hard and everyone was staring at us and laughing at us!! Then we went to the party. We had pizza, chips, candy, pop, ice cream, and cupcakes. She lives right behind the Jr. High so we climbed the fence and ran around the school yard. Me and the other girls were being CRAZZZZZYYYYYYYYYY. It was SO fun!!!  I had lots of crazy friends there! So when it was time to open the presents we gave her our fake one. This is what she said: ''O cute i will wear these like every day'' Then when we gave her the real present she was like ''good cuz i was totally lying about the other one'' it was WAY funny!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008


SORRY i havent posted in a long time! This is the longest I havent posted!! There just has been NOTHING to write about.  

So I am going to write how school is going. I am going to write it as if I were talking to my best friend. (weird i know)

K so first period I have English and I have a lot of friends in that class so it pretty fun and the teacher is pretty cool. 
Next is art and its fun but the teacher is kinda mean cuz she wont let us sit by our friends:(
Then its History and its fun cuz there is this really funny kid in there. I have never liked history cuz my teacher i have had in 6th and 7th grade gave us like 7 work sheets a day to do. But this teacher is not like that. 
Then I have weight training and it is so fun! I never lift any weights so I just sit there cuz i am too lazy!!
Then I have science which is so fun! I hate science but I love the class. We have to create picture books with our table. So I always go to my friends table and there is this really annoying kid and he has handwriting like a girl its SO funny. U just have to be there to understand!
Then I have foods which is fun- We made cookies last friday!! :)
Then is math and the teacher is SOOOO easy!!! She gives us a homework assignment, comes to our desk, lookst at it for like a half a second and then marks us off for 100%. And we can have our text books and notes out for tests! I LOVE IT!

So me, my friend, and this kid in my ward whos in 7th grade always fool around and stuff. So after school my friend was getting a drink, and the guy butts her to be funny. So we playfully push him out of the way and this STUPID DUMB teacher comes and she is like ''not acceptable'' and she keeps saying it over. So I was like ''uh HE BUTTED US" then she was treating the guy like a baby--- '' go ahead take a longer drink''. UUUGGGGHHHHH I HATE HER SHES A BRAT!
(sorry i over react when i get mad but she was seriously being a brat)


Friday, August 29, 2008


Has anyone read this book?? I am too scared that it will be to depressing and too sad for me to handle. Tell me if u have read it or heard about it or - ANYTHING. I have read the back off of my friends . Seriously has anyone heard about it. SO SAD. But I havent read the actual book yet so SOMEONE -ANYONE tell me about it if u know about it. my dad went to the library and the lady said that it was pretty grusum. (dk if that a word or how to spell that). WE couldnt check any books out today cuz he need to turn in some still. so let me know. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random sick post

 WARNING: if u dont take TOTALLY DISCUSTING things so good. DO NOT READ THIS!!

this is SICK!! I had to share this to make u feel as grossed out as I was- and still am.

ok so in my foods class today my teacher was telling our class about a meeting she went to early that day. She said that the meeting was about gross food in different countries. (??????) 
She said that one teacher was telling them about a dish in china. K so here what it is.


 k so the people in china have a bowl of hot broth. K this is what it is:they take barley born mice- literally barley born, like 10 minuets old. These mice are slimy and dont have any hair yet and are just sick! K they take the baby mouse and they dip it in the broth. thats cry #1. AND THE WHOLE TIME THESE MICE ARE ALIVE!!!! anyway, after they dip it in the broth they take it and i guess they bite the live mouse and eat it- like swallow  it and everything!! thats cry #2. HOW SICK IS THAT!!!!  I would seriously die of starvation then eat that!! I was trying not to puke while I wrote this!!

well anyway-
new posts to come soon!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!

My hair has been the same style for a long time, and i was thinking about getting it cut. I was thinking about layering it at the bottom and cutting it so its about  up to my shoulders. People are telling me to leave it like this and to cut it. I think it will look cute shorter- and i like it long. so vote on my poll and dont leave a comment that says ''do whatev. you want, i am sure it will look cute'' and dont just do that to bug my. :D. So..... vote on my poll what you think. 

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It seems like a day ago I was writing about how exited for summer I am and how much fun I am going to have! It has been kinda boring- but really short. Looking back I did some fun stuff thought: play, girls camp, washington etc. 

from the stupid math homework i dont get to the mean, dumb popular kids, mean teacheres, waking up early.........uggghhhh...... school. 

 Aside from all of that stuff I just wrote, me and my friend decided to have a really fun school year.   I am actually exited for school. My friend transferred into a lot of my classes, and I know a lot of  other friends who will be with me too. We R going to have fun! I am also WAY exited to go back without braces!!!! But yet again I am really nervous! who wouldnt be???? Yeah We are going to have a great  year- this is the last year they dont count you're grades!!  I am also way exited to not be the youngest- there are a lot of  funny 7th graders I know!! So, if anything unusual and fun happened at school.........I will let you know. But after is school!!!

P.S. cousins, friends- anyone tell me how ur first day was. I am pretty scared!! yet I just think about my cousins going to a totally different school and think about how they feel (Floyds and Marchants) Good luck guys!!! :) :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Washington Fun!

okay so we went on our family vacation to Washington. It was so much fun! So my grandparents     have a pool so of course we swam almost the whole time!! k so my cousin, Erica is  getting her license in December so she was driving me around town one day. It was so much fun! next yr. we are going to drive to sonic! cant wait!! lol.  Our cousins that used to live in Korea couldn't come this year so it was just us, the Floyd's, g-parents, and the hills.       While we were there we went to an amusement park. the plan was to have my g-parents go but my g-ma got sick so it was just us. I was sooo close to not going, but I did and it was fun! Something that was really funny while we were there is that just me and my dad were going to by this funnel cake thing. But it in not cake. It is so good! what i is is like fried stuff- lol, with fruit, whipped cream, and powdered sugar. WE got apple and it was so good! Then funny thing was while we were caring it to meet my mom EVERYONE was staring at us! This one guy was like ''Dude those are the bomb!!'' and I could hear people whisper ''yum funnel cakes!'' and while me and my dad were sitting at the bench waiting for every one else, this family passed us with two kids and the parents- anyway. The kids stopped in front of us and just starred at it. Then the mom and dad looked back and were starring at it too! lol. And I could just see droll coming out!! lol! yeah and so we decided to take a pic. of it but its on my dads phone along w/ some others so I will get those posted!  And before the funnel cake thing there was this new ride me and my dad wanted to go on and the ride looked insane!! We were so close to going on it but the ride before us got stuck on it and they were at the point of the ride were they were so high and looking up in the sky, sticking straight up!!

And this is her cute little sis. Natalie. She's so cute!!!! 

It was so much fun there! I will try to get some pictures soon!! (sorry we didnt take any good ones in the pool- not that these pics. arnt good :) )

Thursday, August 14, 2008


K so some girls were talking about this song at girls camp so I looked it up and i love it! (expesically the chorus) not just cuz its by david archuleta!!! its my second song on my playlist so if u want to listen to it do it! tell me if u like it!!! i know u will mackenzie! lol. (its called crush in case u were wondering why i put crush as my title) 

Girls Camp

Girls camp was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FUN!!! it was shorter this yr. so we didnt do much stuff, but it was still so much fun!!!!! ok, so my friend was so close  to not coming but she did so i was so glad!! and my other friend didnt go at all (u know who u r). yeah so anyway, me and my two friends brought sheets to make a fort, so we ran in to get beds but there wasnt any on the top  (bunk beads) so we got the bottom and put sheets up. It was so fun! and last nigh was SO much fun!!! k so my friend brought like a whole bunch of glow sticks so that night me and me friends broke them and we like put the juice stuff all over the sheets so our fort was all glowy!!! and this really funny girl came down in our fort and she broke one and it went all over her chin and so it looked like she had a beard!! LOL. And my other Friend was like putting the glow stuff all over her legs!!! k so yeah.....and that afternoon there was this girl doing really bright makeup to people so everyone got theirs done! it looked so cool!! i did mine -like every one did!! The activities wernt very fun but i just loved hanging out in the cabin. O and the 4th yrs and the 2nd yrs (thats me) took the first yrs. on a snipe hunt (not real-snipes) at night and we told them they had to put tooth paste on their face to make them go away!! and The older girls were like making sounds and scaring the little first yrs!! but this one girls was crying her eyes out, she was so scared!!! yeah and one afternoon me and my two Friends wanted to play this game and it started out w/ 4 people and ended up being like a lot of people playing it! it was so fun!!!!!!!!! we had good food there like: Alfredo, Navajo tacos, omelets, scones with Cinnamon honey butter, chicken salad, and muffins!!!  we had to do skits and stuff and this girl in our ward was a hobo and she was being so funny! every one in our ward is funny! lol well yeah... and one night me and my friend were going to scare our other friend coming out of the bathroom, so she comes out and we say ''BOO'', and its the wrong girl!! LOL we were like on the dirty floor, laughing so hard. latter we found her and said sorry! LOL so was just SO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Packing, Packing, and MORE Packing!!!!!!

Ok so I have been packing so much lately!!

first of all about two weeks ago I was packing to go to Ogden to visit my cousins and grandparents. Then about a week after that I had to start packing to go to Washington!! And I got back yesterday and tomorrow is girls camp so I have to pack for that!!! Our camera got left in my grandparents car up in Washington so I cant put any pictures on here so I want to wait till we get our camera back! so yeah I will do a new post when we get our camera back. 

I GET MY BRACES OFF IN ONE HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Itmes

Ok I decided to do this cuz It sounded fun and I was bored. And I wanted to write a new post before I go to Washington. aside from family and important stuff like that here are 10 things that a love- and some I cant live without!.

1. ipod- Maybe I can live with out this but I love it for going on vacations and stuff. I also really like the Jonas brothers- their song is playing on my ipod in this picture. 

2. Music/itunes I love music to put on my ipod. most of the song u see in the picture is the ones that I really like.

3. sunglasses- I really wanted sunglasses them I got some, then they broke!!!! All of my stuff always brakes!! but i think I can live without it- I just think they are really cute!

4. Tramp- The tramp is so fun!!! Its great exercise too!!!

 5. Hoodies/jackets- I love hoodies and jackets. i dont really like short sleeved shirts so i like jackets. I just like how they fit and stuff. 

 6. Aeropostal- I love aeropostal! They have really cute cloths!!

 7. T.V.- I used to be able to not be able to live without t.v. but now we dont have cable. I still love it though. And my sibling were watching 'Napoleon dynamite' when I took this pic!!

 8. ihome- I love my ihome. you can wake up to you're music on you're ipod. And it just really fun!!

 9. Straightener- I love my straitener! It makes my hair look long and well- Straight!!!

 10. I really cant live without the  computer!!! I go on email and It is wayyy better than me old one!!

Thats what I love!!!! when I get back I will write about Washington, girls camp, and the first day of school!!

24th and cousins

The Forth of July was so much fun!!!!! So for dinner we went to a neighbors house for a BBQ then after that my family went to the fireworks (me and Brooke brought a friend). and it was so fun there! They had  music before and  we were playing games and stuff. And then the fireworks started. THe fire works were so cool! there was like really cool smily face fire works too:).

 I have pictures- I promise!! and i will try to put them up soon. and then Friday-Tuesday My family went to my grandmas house cuz all of my cousins from Washington were there. so the whole family was there. except my Aunts family cuz they couldnt come.  We missed you!:( :( :( :(. other than that it was fun- me and my cousin Jessica pranked called her friends and it was justa lot of fun- they made me laugh a lot!!!  so ya i will try to get pic. i hope my i can put them on soon cuz i am leaving for Washington Friday morning and wont be back till sunday (next week). So  every one enjoy their summers- cuz its almost over!! :( :(

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Memory lane.....

Memory Lane...
I got this from my friends blog. I thought it would be fun! I hope you will play along. Here are the directions:

1. watch my memory slide under this post. :)

2. then, As a comment on my blog, leave as many memories as you want that you and I had together under THIS post. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses.

Thanks in advance for participating!


This has many pages, not just one. just click play and then it will bring u to a page- there is a 2nd play button at the bottom, just click that. I looked at my friends and thought there was just one page- so I just thought I would let you know!

Click to play Memories
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