Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hey this is just an update on my week :D

Tuesday for young woman's we did this pie auction and it was so much fun cuz like no one was there and i got some really good treats!

Wednesday- temple
Wednesday morning i went to do baptisms for the dead and i LOVED it!
I really didnt want to leave! This was my 2nd time in the temple doing baptisms. I just love
it cuz no one is swearing and doing bad things, unlike school. When ur outside of the temple and u are standing in front of it it is so beautiful cuz the moutians are behind it and its just so gorgeous!

Thursday- thanksgiving
Thursday was thanksgiving and it was a lot of fun!
i had like one helping of everything and like 9 helpings of stuffing!
my cousins came for dinner and then my other cousins came after dinner! it was a lot of fun!

Friday- twilight
Friday i went to go see twilight with my cousin and grandma and i really liked it! I read the first book and really didnt like it. After seeing the movie I understand i little more and I will probably read the rest of the books now! I am not a freak or anything but i just like it more now! my favorite part was when they were playing baseball. Aunt Kim was that ur favorite or was it when they were in the meadow??????

This is silly but my life is going by so fast!! next month it will be 2009 and i will be 14. then a year will pass very fast and i will be 15.... and then one more year and i will be 16 and two more years will go by fast and i will be 18....uuuggghhh!!!

lol yeah....


Kim said...

Yeah, I loved the baseball scene...not sure why, but it was so cool and is just how I imagined it. I actually really liked the the books more, but the movie was good too. We had fun Thanksgiving huh?

Hannah said...

My favorite Twilight part was the baseball part also. I haven't read the books and I don't want to read the books.

My brothers did auctions for Boy Scouts and the pies I made got up to $30 and the cake my cousin made got $25 and then we bought some loafs of homemade bread. It was good. And fun.

I sometimes come. Not super often but I do check up on stuff.

*Kenz* said...

Sounds fun!!! i really liked the movie too my favorite part was the baseball scene and when they r running away from james cuz it is like really intense i loved it!!!!!