Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Party!!!!

K so me and my Friends went to the Halloween drama club party, which WAS SO MUCH FUN!!
Me and my friend Miriam and Mackenzie went together.  I didnt know what to be so I was just an 80's girl!! I decided that at last minuet!  I had a sign on my back that said 1980 so people would know who I was but some people thought I was an American idol contestant cuz of the number!!! Miriam was a fairy and Mackenzie was a baby. We played a game when we got there. The game was u had to grab an Orange with ur neck out of the other persons neck. yeah.....
Then they played music and had doughnuts and root beer. Me and my friend Brooke and mackenzie and some other people were like dancing and having so much fun!!! Then this kid, named Casey comes over and hes all dancing and being so funny. That kid is freakin HILARIOUS!! lol!!!  Then we went in the spook ally and at the first part of it they were playing the barney song and I started singing along and my friends like ''Kelsey u know this song by heart huh?'' LOL!!! The spook ally wasnt really that scary but every one said it was. Then we played ''do u love your neighbor?'' and that game WAS SO FREAKIN FUN!!!! 
Then we did a costume cat walk and voted on the scariest, random, creative, etc. and I actually did the cat walk which was so much fun!!!! My friend Machelle was a fairy, and my friend Julie is in the counsel and was a orphan.  My other two friends were banannas !!! I love going to drama club,  I have lots of friends there too so it makes it so much fun!!!!

This is me and Miriam before we left. I wore one of my moms old prom dresses, with white tights, high heels, and purple makeup, and curly big hair LOL it was a great costume!!!! 

It was a great night!!!!!
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*Kenz* said...

casey is sooo funny!!!!!! that was so much fun!!!! and it is so true that u know that song by heart lol lol lol!!!!!

Kim said...

Love that picture of you Kelsey...and glad you had fun on Halloween...we are all sick here form eating too much candy!

Jessica said...

hey cuzzz! yeah i'll drive you around don't worry lol :)