Monday, October 27, 2008


Thanks so much for doing my background aunt Kim, i love it!

sorry for changing my mind so much!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

High School Musical 3

I went to see High school Musical 3 on Friday and it was so good!! It was really cheesy in some parts but it was also HILARIOUS. Im not like obsessed with HSM or anything... but i liked it!! 

The stupid movie theater was so dumb!! The movie stoped cause the fire alarm went off or something, so we had to leave and go in front and wait, then it went off again right when troy was telling which college he chose  so.... yeah pretty stupid.. but i liked it, it was funny, and good, but kinda cheesy- but still good!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

4 Wheeling

This  was last saturday 4 wheeling with my friend heather.... It was so much fun I love 4 wheeling!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My siblings

I am going to write why I love my siblings, i know i did this a while back but this is kinda different.And this is in no order its just how it uploaded my pictures!

Why I love Amber:
-She is FUNNY!
-fun to talk to
-it so funny when I start singing she tries to sing a long, like she will try to say the words.
-last night I brought home a clay turtle and she grabbed it so I said ''amber give it back, that mine!'' and she goes ''but I like him, hes a turtle!!''
-and lots more

Why I love Spencer:
-his laugh, is HILARIOUS!
-He is so nice I will be like ''hey spence'' and he will reply back ''hey'' and most of the time my other siblings just ignore me!

- hes really cool, like one time I was reading him a book and he was so nice and funny
-Its fun to see his reaction when he goes high on the tramp
-and lots more

Why I love Brooke:
-She is so FUNNY!!!
-She talks in this really high voice when i beg her!!
-does weird but funny poses
-acts out hilarious things!!
-fun to make her go high on the tramp
-she tells me who her crushes are :O
-and much more

Why I love Alex:
-hes FUNNY
-when I tease him he usually doesn't make a big deal out of it (usually)
-we can talk to each other about stuff (favorite bands, what happened at school, etc...)
-Its fun when I give him piggy back rides
-Its fun chasing him and playing around
-and much more

Thats why I love my siblings!!!!  if I dont get enough votes on that poll I am not going to write the post I was going to write.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I was super bored today so I did this cool Halloween thing. I am kinda exited for Halloween this year, but Im kinda sad that I cant trick or treat this year but I am exited to have a party with one of my friends!! for this vid. thing I couldnt find any good pictures. These ones are from TWO years ago. Alex was a nerd, Brooke was Ariel, Amber a bee, and spencer buzz, So yeah sorry they are really old. This was my funnest Halloween. I went with two friends and got loads of candy!! Oh yeah and I was a baby. :O I kept teasing Alex saying ''hey alex ummm this is halloween ur supposed to DRESS UP!!''So I will write about halloween this year when its over and i'll have pictures of this year. So enjoy it!!

Click to play Halloween!!!
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