Saturday, October 11, 2008


I was super bored today so I did this cool Halloween thing. I am kinda exited for Halloween this year, but Im kinda sad that I cant trick or treat this year but I am exited to have a party with one of my friends!! for this vid. thing I couldnt find any good pictures. These ones are from TWO years ago. Alex was a nerd, Brooke was Ariel, Amber a bee, and spencer buzz, So yeah sorry they are really old. This was my funnest Halloween. I went with two friends and got loads of candy!! Oh yeah and I was a baby. :O I kept teasing Alex saying ''hey alex ummm this is halloween ur supposed to DRESS UP!!''So I will write about halloween this year when its over and i'll have pictures of this year. So enjoy it!!

Click to play Halloween!!!
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*Kenz* said...

super cute pictures i remember when u and me and julie went that was a lot of fun!!!! i wish u were going with me this year i cant wait to dress up as hairspray characters with my sister in laws!!!

*Kenz* said...

you copied like all of my quotes!!! LOL i dont care!!!