Friday, April 24, 2009



what am i going to do now!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!
so a lot of u know that i applied at 7 peaks (water park), and me and my friend went to a meeting/party for u to apply and things.  I would imagine that u would get an interview if u took the time to go to the dang party, but i guess i was wrong because all of my friends got an interview and one of them got a JOB!! they called her today!  This is what i was planning on doing this summer : 

wake up early and go to work
hang out with my friends at work
get free food at work
swim for free at work
go to parties for free- at work
make LOTS of new friends at work
have the best summer of my life at work

but instead this is how it will go-

wake up late
do nothing all day
be bored
be in my pajamas all day
and just have no fun! 

 f.y.i, I havent even gotten an interview or a call for an interview, and everyone at school has! And we called back TWICE.  i know so many people that got an interview! maby they didnt like my application, but i didnt do anything wrong on it, wrote neat and everything.

what the freakin' heck I m i going to do now?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

So let me tell u what i have been doing.

last week was spring break. on wednesday everyone was out of the house so me and alex just did whatever we wanted. then on Thursday me and my mom went to old navy and that night i watch the pursuit of happyness w/ my friend. (sry if i spelled that wrong). Then on thursday Me my mom and brooke when to the hannah montana movie. i WANTED to see 17 again but it was PG-13 and brooke was with us so we couldnt, blah blah blah. Then we went to Chillies.  So yeah it was a pretty fun spring break.  So I applied at 7-peaks but they havent called me yet and so many kids applied and they can only hire 50. so idk if i am going to get the job! but all my friends got an interview, so we'll just  see i guess. it would be so fun though. every friday night they have pool parties from 9pm-12am and the staff is invited and then have a huge screen playing music vid. and stuff. that would be AWESOME!  So yeah i pretty much love school. minus the learning though.  I have lots of awesome friends at school!  So in my post bellow i told u that i was in a play for my drama class and i have to be bald at the last part of the play. well anyway, i am supposed to have really pretty hair before so my friend breanna is going to do my hair all cute, yeah its pretty much going to be awesome! but i REALLY dont want to be bald! i will look like such a FREAK!  So yeah thats pretty much it! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

hey so yeah.....

i havent wrote anything forever. 
well i got a new playlist at the bottom. If u dont like it then just press pause or something (duh) but i pretty much made that for me so....yeah....... some of my favorites on there are ''she is love'' i got the slow version though and i dont like the slow version. i also like ''Jai Ho'',  ''poker face'',  ''How do you sleep'', ''Candle'', and ''Crash into me''. so yeah not like u guys care or anything! lol! jk! so yeah im doing a play in my school and i am FREAKIN OUT!!  I got double casted so in one play im a semi- lead and in the other i AM i lead.  so i have like a zillion lines to memorize. and in one of the plays i have to be blad- BALD!! so they have to put on of those hat things on me.  i really dont want to do that, i will look so stupid! the reason I have to be bald is cuz im a really popular girl who only cares about her hair, and gossips and stuff. So i go in for a hair cut and the hair dresser messes up and i am- bald! i dont want to do that, everyone will make fun of me! well yeah i will write lots more soon because i have to go to sleep now.  I will more most likely tomorrow.