Sunday, September 28, 2008

....:*Ambers Birthday!!*....:

This is Ambers Birthday! It was so fun! We went to the movies and we saw the movie ''space chimps''. its pretty funny. :D! Then we went to a Mexican restaurant, And the people that worked there sang to amber. Then we came home and did ice cream and cake. We did presents before we did the movies and stuff. She got EVERYTHING princess.  Some things that she got were: Cinderella dress, Cinderella Polly pockets, sleeping beauty barbie, princess chap stick,  princess camera. And other things ''princess''. 
                              Here she is with her cake

                           With her presents
               With her Cinderella dress :D
                             Waiting for us to come down 
                               Playing with toys

It was a fun party and I think she liked it too! :D

....:*NO MORE BRACES!!*:....

OK so this was forever ago but yeah these are me new teeth in case any one hasent seen them yet. This was also on the first day of school. :D

Sorry the second picture is kinda weird.... not my best pic. 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

....:*B day Party!*:....

K so I  when to a bday party on Friday and it was so much fun!! Me and mackenzie went! Before the party my mom took me to wall mart to look for a present and so mackenzie came too. We decided to get her a fake tiny baby present and then surprise her latter with the real present. K so the fake present was little Minny mouse hair ties for babies!! The real one was money, kit kats, and bracelets. It was so funny cuz at Wall mart I lost my mom so we went to the page guy and we were like ''will u page my mom'' and hes like  ''should i say we have a lost mommmyyy?'' lol. But we told him not to say that. While he was paging we were laughing so hard and everyone was staring at us and laughing at us!! Then we went to the party. We had pizza, chips, candy, pop, ice cream, and cupcakes. She lives right behind the Jr. High so we climbed the fence and ran around the school yard. Me and the other girls were being CRAZZZZZYYYYYYYYYY. It was SO fun!!!  I had lots of crazy friends there! So when it was time to open the presents we gave her our fake one. This is what she said: ''O cute i will wear these like every day'' Then when we gave her the real present she was like ''good cuz i was totally lying about the other one'' it was WAY funny!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008


SORRY i havent posted in a long time! This is the longest I havent posted!! There just has been NOTHING to write about.  

So I am going to write how school is going. I am going to write it as if I were talking to my best friend. (weird i know)

K so first period I have English and I have a lot of friends in that class so it pretty fun and the teacher is pretty cool. 
Next is art and its fun but the teacher is kinda mean cuz she wont let us sit by our friends:(
Then its History and its fun cuz there is this really funny kid in there. I have never liked history cuz my teacher i have had in 6th and 7th grade gave us like 7 work sheets a day to do. But this teacher is not like that. 
Then I have weight training and it is so fun! I never lift any weights so I just sit there cuz i am too lazy!!
Then I have science which is so fun! I hate science but I love the class. We have to create picture books with our table. So I always go to my friends table and there is this really annoying kid and he has handwriting like a girl its SO funny. U just have to be there to understand!
Then I have foods which is fun- We made cookies last friday!! :)
Then is math and the teacher is SOOOO easy!!! She gives us a homework assignment, comes to our desk, lookst at it for like a half a second and then marks us off for 100%. And we can have our text books and notes out for tests! I LOVE IT!

So me, my friend, and this kid in my ward whos in 7th grade always fool around and stuff. So after school my friend was getting a drink, and the guy butts her to be funny. So we playfully push him out of the way and this STUPID DUMB teacher comes and she is like ''not acceptable'' and she keeps saying it over. So I was like ''uh HE BUTTED US" then she was treating the guy like a baby--- '' go ahead take a longer drink''. UUUGGGGHHHHH I HATE HER SHES A BRAT!
(sorry i over react when i get mad but she was seriously being a brat)