Monday, September 15, 2008


SORRY i havent posted in a long time! This is the longest I havent posted!! There just has been NOTHING to write about.  

So I am going to write how school is going. I am going to write it as if I were talking to my best friend. (weird i know)

K so first period I have English and I have a lot of friends in that class so it pretty fun and the teacher is pretty cool. 
Next is art and its fun but the teacher is kinda mean cuz she wont let us sit by our friends:(
Then its History and its fun cuz there is this really funny kid in there. I have never liked history cuz my teacher i have had in 6th and 7th grade gave us like 7 work sheets a day to do. But this teacher is not like that. 
Then I have weight training and it is so fun! I never lift any weights so I just sit there cuz i am too lazy!!
Then I have science which is so fun! I hate science but I love the class. We have to create picture books with our table. So I always go to my friends table and there is this really annoying kid and he has handwriting like a girl its SO funny. U just have to be there to understand!
Then I have foods which is fun- We made cookies last friday!! :)
Then is math and the teacher is SOOOO easy!!! She gives us a homework assignment, comes to our desk, lookst at it for like a half a second and then marks us off for 100%. And we can have our text books and notes out for tests! I LOVE IT!

So me, my friend, and this kid in my ward whos in 7th grade always fool around and stuff. So after school my friend was getting a drink, and the guy butts her to be funny. So we playfully push him out of the way and this STUPID DUMB teacher comes and she is like ''not acceptable'' and she keeps saying it over. So I was like ''uh HE BUTTED US" then she was treating the guy like a baby--- '' go ahead take a longer drink''. UUUGGGGHHHHH I HATE HER SHES A BRAT!
(sorry i over react when i get mad but she was seriously being a brat)



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Hersheys said...

Kelsy your blog is soo cute I'm soo jealous We should hang out sometime. Call me