Saturday, August 16, 2008

Washington Fun!

okay so we went on our family vacation to Washington. It was so much fun! So my grandparents     have a pool so of course we swam almost the whole time!! k so my cousin, Erica is  getting her license in December so she was driving me around town one day. It was so much fun! next yr. we are going to drive to sonic! cant wait!! lol.  Our cousins that used to live in Korea couldn't come this year so it was just us, the Floyd's, g-parents, and the hills.       While we were there we went to an amusement park. the plan was to have my g-parents go but my g-ma got sick so it was just us. I was sooo close to not going, but I did and it was fun! Something that was really funny while we were there is that just me and my dad were going to by this funnel cake thing. But it in not cake. It is so good! what i is is like fried stuff- lol, with fruit, whipped cream, and powdered sugar. WE got apple and it was so good! Then funny thing was while we were caring it to meet my mom EVERYONE was staring at us! This one guy was like ''Dude those are the bomb!!'' and I could hear people whisper ''yum funnel cakes!'' and while me and my dad were sitting at the bench waiting for every one else, this family passed us with two kids and the parents- anyway. The kids stopped in front of us and just starred at it. Then the mom and dad looked back and were starring at it too! lol. And I could just see droll coming out!! lol! yeah and so we decided to take a pic. of it but its on my dads phone along w/ some others so I will get those posted!  And before the funnel cake thing there was this new ride me and my dad wanted to go on and the ride looked insane!! We were so close to going on it but the ride before us got stuck on it and they were at the point of the ride were they were so high and looking up in the sky, sticking straight up!!

And this is her cute little sis. Natalie. She's so cute!!!! 

It was so much fun there! I will try to get some pictures soon!! (sorry we didnt take any good ones in the pool- not that these pics. arnt good :) )


*Kenz* said...

sounds like a lot of fun!! i wish i couldve went!!! LOL!!

Kim said...

Cute pics Kelsey and it sounds like you had so much fun on your trip! When does school start? Hope you have had a fun summer!