Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It seems like a day ago I was writing about how exited for summer I am and how much fun I am going to have! It has been kinda boring- but really short. Looking back I did some fun stuff thought: play, girls camp, washington etc. 

from the stupid math homework i dont get to the mean, dumb popular kids, mean teacheres, waking up early.........uggghhhh...... school. 

 Aside from all of that stuff I just wrote, me and my friend decided to have a really fun school year.   I am actually exited for school. My friend transferred into a lot of my classes, and I know a lot of  other friends who will be with me too. We R going to have fun! I am also WAY exited to go back without braces!!!! But yet again I am really nervous! who wouldnt be???? Yeah We are going to have a great  year- this is the last year they dont count you're grades!!  I am also way exited to not be the youngest- there are a lot of  funny 7th graders I know!! So, if anything unusual and fun happened at school.........I will let you know. But after all........it is school!!!

P.S. cousins, friends- anyone tell me how ur first day was. I am pretty scared!! yet I just think about my cousins going to a totally different school and think about how they feel (Floyds and Marchants) Good luck guys!!! :) :)


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Erin said...

thanks for the last part. anyway... but yeah it was a fun day and i may have some soon 2 b friends. but overall is was sooo awesome

Jessica said...

ohhh geeee you didn't say good luck to me!!!???? hahaha jk jk but yeah soo i guess your first day is tomorrow? mine is on the 2nd of september! i just went shopping today with my best friend amanda and there were a lot of new stores at the south center mall! it was awesome! but another awesome thing is that we saw A LOT of cute guys. i bumped into this cute guy i met on the last day of school and so we just chatted a little so yeah. :) good luckkkk kelsey!