Thursday, October 23, 2008

My siblings

I am going to write why I love my siblings, i know i did this a while back but this is kinda different.And this is in no order its just how it uploaded my pictures!

Why I love Amber:
-She is FUNNY!
-fun to talk to
-it so funny when I start singing she tries to sing a long, like she will try to say the words.
-last night I brought home a clay turtle and she grabbed it so I said ''amber give it back, that mine!'' and she goes ''but I like him, hes a turtle!!''
-and lots more

Why I love Spencer:
-his laugh, is HILARIOUS!
-He is so nice I will be like ''hey spence'' and he will reply back ''hey'' and most of the time my other siblings just ignore me!

- hes really cool, like one time I was reading him a book and he was so nice and funny
-Its fun to see his reaction when he goes high on the tramp
-and lots more

Why I love Brooke:
-She is so FUNNY!!!
-She talks in this really high voice when i beg her!!
-does weird but funny poses
-acts out hilarious things!!
-fun to make her go high on the tramp
-she tells me who her crushes are :O
-and much more

Why I love Alex:
-hes FUNNY
-when I tease him he usually doesn't make a big deal out of it (usually)
-we can talk to each other about stuff (favorite bands, what happened at school, etc...)
-Its fun when I give him piggy back rides
-Its fun chasing him and playing around
-and much more

Thats why I love my siblings!!!!  if I dont get enough votes on that poll I am not going to write the post I was going to write.


*Kenz* said...

quite copying me!!!! jk lol i dont care!!! they are so cute!!!

Kim said...

Love this Kelsey! You are a great big sis and a good example! I am gonna do your blog this weekend - promise and if you hate it tell me! Talk to ya later!