Saturday, May 31, 2008

New back ground

OK, so you have probably noticed but my background is changed and now i have a header thanks to my awesome aunt who did it for me!!!!! I love it it is soooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK well Brooke's baptism was today and i know that I keep saying this but I will ask my dad to get some pictures on tomorrow! just wanted to right a quick little post. If i cant get pictures I will write about the Baptism tomorrow. O and one random thing our backyard is so cool and fun! we got a trampoline and a fancy wood swing set. well hopefully I will right about my sisters baptism. just wanted to say thanks to my aunt!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer is finally here!!!!

Ok, so I have already talked about summer but I just wanted to tell you what actually happened on the last day of school..........

Ok, so we went to all of our classes for 15 minuets each to sign year books and then when to the cafeteria to sign more year books and eat pizza. By the way the year books are so freakin cool this year. It is an ipod theme and they look so cool!!!! It has an ipod on the front and it is playing a song... well the song is called dimond fork.. a new release. kinda creative. then it has shadows of people dancing and it is rainbow. And on the back the diamond back has ear phones in his ears....
if that made sense.... kinda cool! well any way.... then after all of the year book singing me and my friend mackenzie left like an hour early to walk home(we got to go home whenever, the teachers didnt care when we when home!) and we didnt really want to go home so we went to Larsen Elementary and ate lunch and chilled with my sister. Then when she had to go to class me and mackenzie walked around and met these random... really cool 4th grad girls (3), and we were telling them about the ups and downs of junior high and we were showing them hot guys in our year books, and they really liked that :). then when they went in I went over to my brother and chilled with him for a while. Then we went back inside and had a few random kids sign our yearbooks and some of them asked if we could sign theirs! (forgot to tell you that those 3 girls signed my year book too) , then me and mackenzie got the janitor to sign our year books, which is still the same one when I was at larsen, then we went to go visit my AMAZING favorite 5th grade teacher Mr. Teusher, and had him signed it and chilled with him for a little bit. Then me and Mackenzie walked home and when I got home It got very boring!!! Hope that made sense!!!! It was soooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we made knew friend, chilled with my old teacher, and got a free lunch (brooke got us some lunch..... it was free anyway.)
O and the oddest part was that me and mackenzie didn't get kicked out of the school!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ok, so summer officially starts in one and a half days!!!!!!!!

Wow, i am so exited! I can wait to sleep in, go swimming, perform my summer play, go to movies every week, go to washington, chill with friends, hang out with cousins, eating junk and sleeping on the trampoline with my cousin, and hopefully get tan! I am kinda sad cuz I want to stay forever young! No really, I am sad that I am not very little anymore and my life is going by so fast!!!!!!!!!!!! This is going to sound way silly but I have kinda had this goal sense the school year started that I would get up at 5 ish and take a shower before school, I tried doing it yesterday but I could not get out of bed!! so I am going to try to do it soon.
hopefully I will have pictures of brookes babtism. My dad takes a long time putting pictures on the computer so thats why I dont have recent pictures in any of the posts!!! Every body enjoy their summers and I will try putting summer pic. up.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol!

Ok so the Mormon-hottie didn't win. Ya I was pretty sad. David Archuleta will be great in the music buisness though.. Did u guys see the guitar hero commercial with david archleta in it? ssssoooooo Funny!

David Cooks is way good singer and really nice, they will both do good. I hate that American Idol is over. Me and my friends talk about it non-stop and I am going to get so bored waiting for January to come!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


K so i am pretty bored right now so I guess that I will write about my brother Alex. Even though Alex has friends who are huge jerks, Alex is still pretty cool. Me and Alex talk about stuff cuz we are only two years apart! Me and Alex make jokes together and just have fun!!!!! When we go camping or whatever we always chill and hang out with each other if its just our family. We like pretty much the same music and laugh non-stop about stuff that happened at school! I will post sometime wednesday night or thursday about how had to babysit a two year old, a six year old, and two five year olds!!! O and the American Idol results! : )

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Every thing from cookies to Police officers!

Ok so not a lot of people read my blog as far as I know but this is what has been going on-

Last Friday there was a cookie incident (and a parade of boys : )) I'v told a lot of people about that but Ya i was with my friend and uuuummmm ya if you ask me I will be happy to give u that details! It was a way funny night! And then there was mothers day on Sunday- we went to my grandmas and had a fun day. And of course AMERICAN IDOL! I am a HUGE fan! So happy for both davids but I am rooting for David Archuleta!! I hate waking up for school but I love talking with all of my friends and laughing until we cant breath! (kimmy) and about the cookie incident (again kimmy). I recently told my mom that I was a bit of a trouble maker in school, me and my friend kimmy talk during class and laugh literally the whole entire class period about nothing at all! I will be sad when school gets out but is way exited for summer!!! Ok so i am doing a class play in my drama class (have to do it) and i am a stupid police officer with only three lines in the play!!! And I have to wear stupid tight pants and i have to tuck in my shirt so it looks sooooo puffy and awful!! And we have to perform in front of my school and our families! Oh well. If u have a blog and is reading this right now fill free to comment! I love reading comments! Well that's about it! Sorry for the long post! :) Oh and sorry this post was completely random!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


My sister Brooke just had her birthday on Monday. She turned 8 years old. Brooke does this histarical voice that is so dang funny! It sounds like a chipmunk. Shes really funny and talks about this guy she likes with me. She likes to eat sugar and sometimes me and my brother will not be very nice and tease her about how much she loves sugar. I am glad that I have a sister that is old enough to talk to!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


My little brother spencer reminds me of exactly what I was like in kindergarten- Loud and crazy. Thats a good thing:). Spencer is very funny and does a lot of funny things and favors for you. He is a very big guy that is strong and tough. He is five and will be six in February.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


My little sister amber is the sweetiest little girl ever! She is one of the most annoying babies i have ever seen but she is sooo cute! Amber will start saying the prayer in the cuteiest voice! She gets scared a lot and I love it because thats when she clings to you! Amber cries at almost everything which all babies do. But she is so dang funny! Amber makes me laugh almost everyday! Amber is two and will be three in September. I am going to try to write a post about all my brothers and sisters. I will really try to put pictures in of amber but if i do they will be above this post.