Thursday, August 14, 2008

Girls Camp

Girls camp was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FUN!!! it was shorter this yr. so we didnt do much stuff, but it was still so much fun!!!!! ok, so my friend was so close  to not coming but she did so i was so glad!! and my other friend didnt go at all (u know who u r). yeah so anyway, me and my two friends brought sheets to make a fort, so we ran in to get beds but there wasnt any on the top  (bunk beads) so we got the bottom and put sheets up. It was so fun! and last nigh was SO much fun!!! k so my friend brought like a whole bunch of glow sticks so that night me and me friends broke them and we like put the juice stuff all over the sheets so our fort was all glowy!!! and this really funny girl came down in our fort and she broke one and it went all over her chin and so it looked like she had a beard!! LOL. And my other Friend was like putting the glow stuff all over her legs!!! k so yeah.....and that afternoon there was this girl doing really bright makeup to people so everyone got theirs done! it looked so cool!! i did mine -like every one did!! The activities wernt very fun but i just loved hanging out in the cabin. O and the 4th yrs and the 2nd yrs (thats me) took the first yrs. on a snipe hunt (not real-snipes) at night and we told them they had to put tooth paste on their face to make them go away!! and The older girls were like making sounds and scaring the little first yrs!! but this one girls was crying her eyes out, she was so scared!!! yeah and one afternoon me and my two Friends wanted to play this game and it started out w/ 4 people and ended up being like a lot of people playing it! it was so fun!!!!!!!!! we had good food there like: Alfredo, Navajo tacos, omelets, scones with Cinnamon honey butter, chicken salad, and muffins!!!  we had to do skits and stuff and this girl in our ward was a hobo and she was being so funny! every one in our ward is funny! lol well yeah... and one night me and my friend were going to scare our other friend coming out of the bathroom, so she comes out and we say ''BOO'', and its the wrong girl!! LOL we were like on the dirty floor, laughing so hard. latter we found her and said sorry! LOL so was just SO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*Kenz* said...

that sounds like a lot of fun!! i wanted to come but........i didnt really want to!! sorry!!

Jessica said...

omgsh i can't believe you kept complaining about going to girls camp and kept asking me if you should go or not... lol but ohh wowwww you had fun! that's amazing!! hahahaha that's good though.