Sunday, September 28, 2008

....:*Ambers Birthday!!*....:

This is Ambers Birthday! It was so fun! We went to the movies and we saw the movie ''space chimps''. its pretty funny. :D! Then we went to a Mexican restaurant, And the people that worked there sang to amber. Then we came home and did ice cream and cake. We did presents before we did the movies and stuff. She got EVERYTHING princess.  Some things that she got were: Cinderella dress, Cinderella Polly pockets, sleeping beauty barbie, princess chap stick,  princess camera. And other things ''princess''. 
                              Here she is with her cake

                           With her presents
               With her Cinderella dress :D
                             Waiting for us to come down 
                               Playing with toys

It was a fun party and I think she liked it too! :D

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*Kenz* said...

she is so cute!!! that sounds like so much fun!!!