Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Itmes

Ok I decided to do this cuz It sounded fun and I was bored. And I wanted to write a new post before I go to Washington. aside from family and important stuff like that here are 10 things that a love- and some I cant live without!.

1. ipod- Maybe I can live with out this but I love it for going on vacations and stuff. I also really like the Jonas brothers- their song is playing on my ipod in this picture. 

2. Music/itunes I love music to put on my ipod. most of the song u see in the picture is the ones that I really like.

3. sunglasses- I really wanted sunglasses them I got some, then they broke!!!! All of my stuff always brakes!! but i think I can live without it- I just think they are really cute!

4. Tramp- The tramp is so fun!!! Its great exercise too!!!

 5. Hoodies/jackets- I love hoodies and jackets. i dont really like short sleeved shirts so i like jackets. I just like how they fit and stuff. 

 6. Aeropostal- I love aeropostal! They have really cute cloths!!

 7. T.V.- I used to be able to not be able to live without t.v. but now we dont have cable. I still love it though. And my sibling were watching 'Napoleon dynamite' when I took this pic!!

 8. ihome- I love my ihome. you can wake up to you're music on you're ipod. And it just really fun!!

 9. Straightener- I love my straitener! It makes my hair look long and well- Straight!!!

 10. I really cant live without the  computer!!! I go on email and It is wayyy better than me old one!!

Thats what I love!!!! when I get back I will write about Washington, girls camp, and the first day of school!!


*Kenz* said...

i know i love hoodies and jackets to!!! we like a lot of the same things!! i guess u figured out how to do it is really cute!!!

Mommo said...

have a fun trip.