Friday, August 29, 2008


Has anyone read this book?? I am too scared that it will be to depressing and too sad for me to handle. Tell me if u have read it or heard about it or - ANYTHING. I have read the back off of my friends . Seriously has anyone heard about it. SO SAD. But I havent read the actual book yet so SOMEONE -ANYONE tell me about it if u know about it. my dad went to the library and the lady said that it was pretty grusum. (dk if that a word or how to spell that). WE couldnt check any books out today cuz he need to turn in some still. so let me know. 


*Kenz* said...

it is supposed to be sad!! but i hope that i find it maybe someone took it to the library :( i am really scared kensie will KILL me!!! lol!! I hope we find it

Jessica said...

heyyyy i just got that book from the library! it's already getting sad!

Hannah said...

This is a really sad book. It has another book after it and they are both really sad. If I had the choice I wouldn't ever read it. I think it is horrible.

(You don't know me but I know Erin's blog and she knows my blog)

Kimmikinz said...

Ya i've read it! It is a sad book!
I loved it though! like ya. . . it was way sad!