Friday, June 27, 2008

SO FUN!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ABSOLUTELY LOVE.............. doing plays!! I just finished doing a play called Aesop's fables. The play was a whole bunch of little plays....boy who cried wolf, tortis and the hare etc. I loved it!!!!!! K this is what I loved this time... k so we had a play in the afternoon and one in the evening so me and my Friend Julie wanted to just stay during the break. So we went to watch our friends(kaitlyn and kenedy)  do hip-hop. So we are just sitting down and some kids from the play are behind us(hayden, deven, stephon) and we were all laughing so hard and just saying random things, like when a alivin and the chip munk song came on and hayden was like 'i am alvin' and I was like 'I am theodor cuz It is played by jesse Mccartny' It was so fun we were laughing SO hard! But then we had to go to a diff. spot cuz this old lady told us to be quiet. Then the kid who played the hare (Hayden) was like ''I am going to go back stage'' And we were all laughing and wondering if he was going to come on and dance! Then deven left and they both came back with cookies  so we all went to the cafeteria and got some (there was like a buffet of cookies). Then we came back to watch our friends do hip-hop. When they came on we were cheering so loud and like standing up and calling their names and stuff. Then it was time for the play and so we walk in the room were we meet in, and the cast is dancing and singing so me and julie start dancing and singing really loud(it felt like a was in a charly brown movie). And every one got sooooo sweaty and tired before the play so me and julie, deven, Kaitlyn, and Ki, Mariam, and some other kids formed a energy group and we were huddled in a cirlce and we were like '', energy, energy. It was so fun u just had to be there!!!! I have mad lots of Friends doing the plays throughout the years and I LOVE doing it!!! Its the funnest thing in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!! O and I was a narrator and I was split with my Friend so we were both narrators and we had to say this line: Moral... dont catch you're chickens before they are hatched. But we totaly messed up cuz kenedy was trying to say moral and I was trying to say dont. (that probably didn't make sense). And Me and kenedy made up a hand shake we did at the end of the skit. IT WAS FUN!!!! I am always so so so so sad at the end of a play cuz I love it and its so fun being goofy with all you're friends!!! I was a sun in the 'wind and the sun' a grass hopper in the 'ant and the grasshopper' a animal in the 'lion' and a person in the 'tortoise and the hare'. and the narrator in the 'milkmaid'. By the was my Friend julie was the tortois, she was way funny.  And her little bro was the boy in the 'boy that cried wolf' and we was so good!! He had this really fun, fast song he sang and he said the words perfectly clear and was doing little actions. my family thought he was great. O and i did pretty darn good too!!! The next play they are doing is Arabian nights and it is a year long one and these ones are SO AMAZINGLY FUN TOO! they have more props and scenery and stuff. (like Narnia). I think if i am going to do it i am going to try out for a solo so I can get a lead. But I have been leads a lot of times i just want to sing to see if i can do it. I have never tried for a solo before cuz I was afraid i would mess up but after seeing Julie and William do it-and how great they were I think I can. One of my funnest memories was when I played a little part of a statue with some of my friends in Narnia- well anyway we came on late and so we were holding our poses and I just started laughing and couldn't keep it together so my Friends started laughing and one of them was making a weired noise like a sucking spit type deal-and we were supposed to be statues!! It was So funny! Well sorry for the book! Its SO FUN!!!! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

The girls!!

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Fake Magazines

Ok so I was playing around with this fake magazine stuff. So here are some of the ones I did.


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Midnight Stroll

Ok so it wasn't midnight it was around 8:30. This is the story of my fun night...............

Me and one of my friends Makenzie were chatting on email. So in our chat we decide to go for a walk. She comes and picks me up and we decide to go and get our friend Julie. We walked to the school playground and we were swinging and i was in like this really weird position on the swing and it felt like a roller coaster. And while i was  doing this on the swing i was talking and all of a sudden i would fall of!!!!! It was so fun!!!! then i was singing 'how far is heaven' really loud and these teenage dudes come to the park so we were pretty scared so we left and surprisingly they didnt say anything to us. so we left and got to the corner. We were thinking of what we were going to do next and there was a really long awkward pause and then we hear the swing squeak like a cricket. It was so funny!!! then we sat on the church grass and  talked about really funny experiences and stuff. And then i decided to pretend i saw something in the distance and it scared them so bad especially mackenzie.  So we got scared and ran to my house, I didnt want to wake up my mom so we decided to go in the back and sit on my trampoline. And we were laughing so hard and I was like doing dances and singing to the iCarly theme song.  But then their parents got worried and had to go home cuz it was like 10:30 and me and julie had play practice in the morning. all three of us wanted to post our story and call it 'midnight stroll'.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


My Cousins that are from Korea are moving to Ohio and before they moved they came down to go on vacations to see lots of their family. So on their big vacation they stoped by at our house for a little bit!! It was a full house: My dad, (evenings), my mom, me Alex, Brooke Spencer, Amber , Aunt Jenny, Elise, Drew, Jared, Ryan, Lindsy, Ashly, Jack. (their dad wasn't there because he had to finish work). We had so much fun with them!! On the first day we layed around the house and did pretty much nothing but it was still fun but on that day we did something and went to Spencer's T-ball game. Then the next day we all went to bridal vill falls (water fall) and had a pick-nick and then that night Elise, drew, Jared, and Ryan went to a manti (sc) padgent with their grandparents and cousins and while they were gone we were playing with Lindsy, Ashly, and jack. and Ashly was being so funny!! She was doing this voice and just being funny!! that day was also Jacks birthday! his first birthday was at our house!! The other picture is me and Elise and drew playing cards. it was really fun having them around!!!!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Brooke's Baptism

Ok I have 6 brand new post for you which means that I probably wont have a new one in a long time!!!!!   This is brookes baptism that I finally got the pictures for!!! After the baptism my cousins and Grandma and Grandpa came to my house and we had a really good lunch.  This was the day that we got a new swing set built by my dad, grandpa, and uncle. Also that day my aunt was helping me get a really cute background for this blog. But my stupid computer didnt work!!

But it worked out anyway!!! So these are some pictures of Brooke's baptism.

Camp Floyd

Ok, so on Memorial day me and my family went to this civil war thing and it was called Camp Floyd. I didnt really want to go cuz I got invited to the mall but it ended being pretty fun. Well anyway the reason why we went is because my cousin hast to do this thing for school were there is a cut out of her and we had to take her on an adventure.... so we took her to camp Floyd, which is a coincidence because her last name is Floyd!!!!! My siblings made candles and we learned about different things like what kind of clothing they wore back then and stuff like that. We learned some new games and got to dress up (i didnt) so enjoy the pictures!! 

End of piano

Ok so I am not ending piano for good its just that my really good piano teacher is not teaching next year :(.   We had a end of year pizza party at her house. My last lesson with her I really decided that piano isn't really that bad. I mean, once you learn the songs and everything it is actually ok!! Before that lesson I hated piano but know I guess its ok. Its really fun to hear and play the song that you love and hear on the radio. These are just pictures at my piano recitle and this wasn't too long ago. The picture of me and my siblings standing with my teacher..... uggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh i hate that pictue!! You can see my ugly short piece sticking out. Ew But thats the only good picture I had with my face showing

Brooke's Birthday

Ok, so I know that this was FOREVER ago but I finally got some new recent pictures!! yay!! Ok so Brooke turned 8 on May 5th. This year she wanted to go to classic skates and roller blade. She went there with her friends. I think she had lots of fun! (I didnt go) Then the other pictures are of her opening her presents and holding her birthday cake. Sorry that is has taken me so long!!!!!!!!!!


Ok so my dad finally got some new pictures on the computer!!  This  was a way long time ago.

these are just some pictures I found while I was skimming through the Pictures. I thought that they were sooooo funny so I just had to share them with every one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've been tagged
So the big thing in the blog world right now is being tagged by friends to learn a little more about you. Here it goes!

5 Years Ago:
In second grade almost going in to 3rd (i think)

5 Things on my To Do List today:
-Eat Dinner

-Watch T.V.

-Go to sleep

-Play/Talk with Amber

-Get a new post about Brookes Babtism

Snacks I enjoy:
Candy bars
Frozen Yogurt/ Ice Cream

3 Bad Habits:
-Random Screaming (ask anyone)

-not listening to what I'm supposed to do or i just ignore it

-Getting in trouble in school

-Not Doing my math homework

-Not getting math AT ALL!!

(more than three)!!

5 Places I've Lived:

-Spanish Fork, Utah

-Ogden, Utah

-Provo or Orem (can remember but I think it was one or the other

sorry, only 3

5 Jobs I've Had:

Chores, Babysitting, Babysitting, Babysitting, and more Babysitting!!

Countries Visited Outside the US:

-Places in Mexico (on the cruise)

Things you don't know about me:

-I hate it when i say something and people just nod there head or say cool

-I don't like school just cuz of all the popular girls who think they are the best

-I love being scared


Before I Die:
-I want to go to college

-I want to get married in the temple

-I want to have 4, 5, or 6 kids!!! (3 boys and 1 girl if i have 4, 3 boys and 2 girls if i have 5, and 4 boys and 2 girls if i have 6-
But if i don't get that-which i wont- I'll still love' em!!!)

- Visit Europe!!!

A Few Favorites:

Ice Cream: Cheesecake, cookie dough, peanut butter cup, Cookies and cream

Smells: Gasoline (garage), My grandparents houses, Cookies and backed goods!!!

Sports to Watch: BYU FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah yea!!!

Dessert: CHEESECAKE , Brownies

TV Shows: American idol, older disney channel shows (not animated), older nick shows (not animated) 

Sound: The Ocean, Ambers funny comments, American idol theme song, David archuletas voice- lol

Day of the Week: Friday and Saturday

Restaurant: Olive Garden, Golden Coaral (spell check)

Drink: pop, juice

Disney Movies: Pixar, The Disney Princess movies, and HSM 1 and 2

Books: I dont read..................But i have read some pretty good books in my past

Movies: I just saw the seeker and i really liked it!! not just cuz there was a really really ......really cute guy in it but it was really funny and good!!, Bridge to Taribithia- i LOVE that movie but it is so sad!! (again not just cuz of the hot guy in it)

Lunch Meat: roast beef

Candy bar: ALL

Cereal: blueberry muffin tops

Food: chicken Alfredo, pizza, Italian, Italian, Italian!!!
Husband: ...................I don't have one!!!!

I tage- Anyone who wants to!!