Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ok, so summer officially starts in one and a half days!!!!!!!!

Wow, i am so exited! I can wait to sleep in, go swimming, perform my summer play, go to movies every week, go to washington, chill with friends, hang out with cousins, eating junk and sleeping on the trampoline with my cousin, and hopefully get tan! I am kinda sad cuz I want to stay forever young! No really, I am sad that I am not very little anymore and my life is going by so fast!!!!!!!!!!!! This is going to sound way silly but I have kinda had this goal sense the school year started that I would get up at 5 ish and take a shower before school, I tried doing it yesterday but I could not get out of bed!! so I am going to try to do it soon.
hopefully I will have pictures of brookes babtism. My dad takes a long time putting pictures on the computer so thats why I dont have recent pictures in any of the posts!!! Every body enjoy their summers and I will try putting summer pic. up.


*Kenzikoo* said...

i know i cant wait till summer either!!!!!!! I AM SO EXITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think those pictures are cute of you :)

Kim said...

Kelsey, you are so cool! really! i wish you wouls stop growing up so fast too and while you're at it, tell your cousins (my kids) to stop doing it so fast too! cant wait to come visit!