Saturday, May 31, 2008

New back ground

OK, so you have probably noticed but my background is changed and now i have a header thanks to my awesome aunt who did it for me!!!!! I love it it is soooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK well Brooke's baptism was today and i know that I keep saying this but I will ask my dad to get some pictures on tomorrow! just wanted to right a quick little post. If i cant get pictures I will write about the Baptism tomorrow. O and one random thing our backyard is so cool and fun! we got a trampoline and a fancy wood swing set. well hopefully I will right about my sisters baptism. just wanted to say thanks to my aunt!


Kim said...

Hey Kelsey, you are welcome! I like doing stuff like this-its fun. I think though you may have erased on accident the background? I put it in as a new page element on the side under an html didn't ahve a title just a code inserted. If you did thats ok. I tried to log on and fix it, but couldn't. So I will call alter today to help you do it yourself...i found an easier way to do it for you. okay!

*Kenzikoo* said...

i know i love your background it is so cute thats why i decided to get a change on mine!and i love trampolines they are so fun you should call me annd we'll jump on your tramp