Tuesday, May 20, 2008


K so i am pretty bored right now so I guess that I will write about my brother Alex. Even though Alex has friends who are huge jerks, Alex is still pretty cool. Me and Alex talk about stuff cuz we are only two years apart! Me and Alex make jokes together and just have fun!!!!! When we go camping or whatever we always chill and hang out with each other if its just our family. We like pretty much the same music and laugh non-stop about stuff that happened at school! I will post sometime wednesday night or thursday about how had to babysit a two year old, a six year old, and two five year olds!!! O and the American Idol results! : )


Mommo said...

Do you take all the photos you post on your blog? If so....when did you get your camera? Did you mom and dad buy it for you? Nice post about Alex. The older you get the better friends you will be. You are lucky that you like doing stuff together.

*kenz* said...

I wish i had fun doing things with my brothers, but they are to much older than me:(

Kelsey M. said...

O no i dont have my own camera and my dad takes the pictures!