Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I've been tagged
So the big thing in the blog world right now is being tagged by friends to learn a little more about you. Here it goes!

5 Years Ago:
In second grade almost going in to 3rd (i think)

5 Things on my To Do List today:
-Eat Dinner

-Watch T.V.

-Go to sleep

-Play/Talk with Amber

-Get a new post about Brookes Babtism

Snacks I enjoy:
Candy bars
Frozen Yogurt/ Ice Cream

3 Bad Habits:
-Random Screaming (ask anyone)

-not listening to what I'm supposed to do or i just ignore it

-Getting in trouble in school

-Not Doing my math homework

-Not getting math AT ALL!!

(more than three)!!

5 Places I've Lived:

-Spanish Fork, Utah

-Ogden, Utah

-Provo or Orem (can remember but I think it was one or the other

sorry, only 3

5 Jobs I've Had:

Chores, Babysitting, Babysitting, Babysitting, and more Babysitting!!

Countries Visited Outside the US:

-Places in Mexico (on the cruise)

Things you don't know about me:

-I hate it when i say something and people just nod there head or say cool

-I don't like school just cuz of all the popular girls who think they are the best

-I love being scared


Before I Die:
-I want to go to college

-I want to get married in the temple

-I want to have 4, 5, or 6 kids!!! (3 boys and 1 girl if i have 4, 3 boys and 2 girls if i have 5, and 4 boys and 2 girls if i have 6-
But if i don't get that-which i wont- I'll still love' em!!!)

- Visit Europe!!!

A Few Favorites:

Ice Cream: Cheesecake, cookie dough, peanut butter cup, Cookies and cream

Smells: Gasoline (garage), My grandparents houses, Cookies and backed goods!!!

Sports to Watch: BYU FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah yea!!!

Dessert: CHEESECAKE , Brownies

TV Shows: American idol, older disney channel shows (not animated), older nick shows (not animated) 

Sound: The Ocean, Ambers funny comments, American idol theme song, David archuletas voice- lol

Day of the Week: Friday and Saturday

Restaurant: Olive Garden, Golden Coaral (spell check)

Drink: pop, juice

Disney Movies: Pixar, The Disney Princess movies, and HSM 1 and 2

Books: I dont read..................But i have read some pretty good books in my past

Movies: I just saw the seeker and i really liked it!! not just cuz there was a really really ......really cute guy in it but it was really funny and good!!, Bridge to Taribithia- i LOVE that movie but it is so sad!! (again not just cuz of the hot guy in it)

Lunch Meat: roast beef

Candy bar: ALL

Cereal: blueberry muffin tops

Food: chicken Alfredo, pizza, Italian, Italian, Italian!!!
Husband: ...................I don't have one!!!!

I tage- Anyone who wants to!!


Mommo said...

cool :)
jk. That was fun to learn so many things about you that I didn't know.

*Kenz* said...

that was sooooooooooo funny!! LOL for real i was like laughing when you were like so specific with your kids LOL and david archuletas voice, and on your to do list they were like nothing just eat, sleep, and watch t.v. LOL! and i thought the spell check was funny and all candy bars lol! we have so much in commen like on the things you dont know about me they are like the same stupid popular girls(not that i'm jealous or anything! i loved it it was SOOOOOOOOOOO funny!!! LOL

Kim said...

Love the whole thing, excpet for the BYU fan plug - GO UTES!!! (That was so Uncle Ryan will still love me :)LOL)