Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Camp Floyd

Ok, so on Memorial day me and my family went to this civil war thing and it was called Camp Floyd. I didnt really want to go cuz I got invited to the mall but it ended being pretty fun. Well anyway the reason why we went is because my cousin hast to do this thing for school were there is a cut out of her and we had to take her on an adventure.... so we took her to camp Floyd, which is a coincidence because her last name is Floyd!!!!! My siblings made candles and we learned about different things like what kind of clothing they wore back then and stuff like that. We learned some new games and got to dress up (i didnt) so enjoy the pictures!! 


Mommo said...

aiThat is way cool that you did that for Makenna and how fun that it was to Camp FLOYD! Thanks for doing it!

*Kenz* said...

we went there with the school remember that was way fun and i got yelled at for holding the gun the wrong way lol!

Erin said...
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