Saturday, June 14, 2008


My Cousins that are from Korea are moving to Ohio and before they moved they came down to go on vacations to see lots of their family. So on their big vacation they stoped by at our house for a little bit!! It was a full house: My dad, (evenings), my mom, me Alex, Brooke Spencer, Amber , Aunt Jenny, Elise, Drew, Jared, Ryan, Lindsy, Ashly, Jack. (their dad wasn't there because he had to finish work). We had so much fun with them!! On the first day we layed around the house and did pretty much nothing but it was still fun but on that day we did something and went to Spencer's T-ball game. Then the next day we all went to bridal vill falls (water fall) and had a pick-nick and then that night Elise, drew, Jared, and Ryan went to a manti (sc) padgent with their grandparents and cousins and while they were gone we were playing with Lindsy, Ashly, and jack. and Ashly was being so funny!! She was doing this voice and just being funny!! that day was also Jacks birthday! his first birthday was at our house!! The other picture is me and Elise and drew playing cards. it was really fun having them around!!!!!!!


*Kenz* said...

that sounds like sooooo much fun!!! where did they all sleep? was it like waaaaaaayyy crowded? that is way fun!!

Mommo said...

Wow! How much fun was that!? That is lots of kids. I can't wait for them to come here (Ohio) so you guys can come see us next summer. :)