Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Brooke's Birthday

Ok, so I know that this was FOREVER ago but I finally got some new recent pictures!! yay!! Ok so Brooke turned 8 on May 5th. This year she wanted to go to classic skates and roller blade. She went there with her friends. I think she had lots of fun! (I didnt go) Then the other pictures are of her opening her presents and holding her birthday cake. Sorry that is has taken me so long!!!!!!!!!!

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*Kenz* said...

wow she got more money than i did and presents i got like 10 dollars from my grandma which she gives us every year lol and i got a necklace that i lost, along with the money, clothes, eaten candybars, and a ticket to martina mcbride which i barely know any of her songs so i'm like trying to hear all of her songs and try to like her lol but i've only got till august! so does she like hannah montana? sorry for the long post