Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

I had a really fun 4th of July this year. On Thursday night my cousin parker came to our house. 

 Then the next morning we all went to our ward breakfast and that was so fun and funny! (ask me for the details). Then we came back and had an awesome pool party in our backyard with music and everything. While we were playing out side our  cousins came over (jared, ryan, lindsy, ashly and jack- elise was at EFY and drew was at scout camp).  and we played a little more outside with them. Then my grandpa and grandma B. came over to have dinner with us. Then we did fun fireworks and had lots of good food and stuff.  It was a really fun day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  It was so fun having all of our family here. we were having so much fun hanging out and laughing. We wont see our other marchant cousins for about a year !
Its so fun, me and ashly and lindsy were like dancing to jonas brothers songs and stuff!! And they are so cute!! I will try to get some pictures soon. So what did u guys do for the 4th of july???????


Hersheys said...

That sounds so fun!

*Kenz* said...

i want to know the details! haha!!! that sounds like so fun!! where did u guys swim????

Jessica said...

heyy kelsey! wowww your 4th of july sounds better than mine. haha we went to a friends house for a bbq and then that was boring. i wanted to go to lake wildernessa cuz that's where everyone goes for the big fireworks and it's near us so we could've went. but soo yeah after that we went back to our house at like 10:15 and our coldest sac was having REAL fireworks with a whole bunch of neighbors outside and i layed down on my blanket with sweats on and the fireworks were like RIGHT ABOVE me it was amazing!! and it was loud cuz the booming is like right next to us and all you hear is BOOOOOM! and firework noises of course. so yeah then ohh before all that around noon our family went to go see kung fu panda and it was really funny and good! :] so yeah i should call you tomorrow and you should tell me everything about the 4th of july!

Kim said...

Fun Kelsey! We are sad we didnt come down but glad you guys all ahd a good time! WE went on ahike and then did a BBQ and fireworks here at our house. Smile!!!