Wednesday, April 22, 2009

hey so yeah.....

i havent wrote anything forever. 
well i got a new playlist at the bottom. If u dont like it then just press pause or something (duh) but i pretty much made that for me so....yeah....... some of my favorites on there are ''she is love'' i got the slow version though and i dont like the slow version. i also like ''Jai Ho'',  ''poker face'',  ''How do you sleep'', ''Candle'', and ''Crash into me''. so yeah not like u guys care or anything! lol! jk! so yeah im doing a play in my school and i am FREAKIN OUT!!  I got double casted so in one play im a semi- lead and in the other i AM i lead.  so i have like a zillion lines to memorize. and in one of the plays i have to be blad- BALD!! so they have to put on of those hat things on me.  i really dont want to do that, i will look so stupid! the reason I have to be bald is cuz im a really popular girl who only cares about her hair, and gossips and stuff. So i go in for a hair cut and the hair dresser messes up and i am- bald! i dont want to do that, everyone will make fun of me! well yeah i will write lots more soon because i have to go to sleep now.  I will more most likely tomorrow. 

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