Monday, February 2, 2009

ok this ones for u aunt cindy-

i went to a stake young womans and young mens activitiy on thursday and it was a load of fun.
It was the brand new year video thing....... if any one saw it i woul LOVE to be in something like that like the singing and dancing parts... yeah and we got cupcakes after, so it was a lot of fun =D
Tomorrow my young woman in my ward is going ice skating, so im pretty exited even though i cant even stand up on ice skates!!!! But im exited to be w/ my friends!! =D


Kim said...

Have fun...loved having you guys here Sunday! It was fun! Tip for skating...keep your toes turned inwards - slightly. It will help with your balance. :)

Mommo said...

Kelsey I am sooooo glad you liked it. It was really fun wasn't it? You would be great at doing something like that. You must get your singing ability from your dads side because nobody on your moms side can sing.
Anyway..thanks for filling me in. You are awesome. Keep going to those fun activities. Have a great time skating. Love ya.