Monday, February 1, 2010

Utah Theater Association!

By the drinking fountain!

Me and maddy. I like this pic.but hate how dumb I look in it!

Giant hot dog!

My inside joke picture! Our food! Mackenzie remember josh,
and the ice cream? Haha!

Our Food!


Me and Kass!

Best Day!!!!

Ok so a few fridays ago the drama club at my school went to uvu to the UTA which was sooo much fun. Funner then when I went in 7th grade. Me, Maddy, Kassadi, and Mackenzie hanged out the whole time together. We were going to go to a makeup class but it got cancelled so we just walked around for an hour deciding what we would do the rest of the day. So after an hour we went to this junk music class where we learned how to make music with our bodies like clapping and snapping and making a beat. It was really cool! We had to switch our instruments with our partner so the teacher was like ''switch your instrements'' In a reallyyy whinny annoying voice. It was funny! Then we had lunch and they did like a concert while it was going on. Durring lunch like all the 9th graders and some 8th graders were by the drinking fountian and I spit my candy out in it and this guy just let the water run and we were just like staring at it and this guy was like ''ok, why are we doing this'' and the other one said ''because we hate it and want it to die''. Sounds stupid but It was funny at the time! Then we went to a prop food class and that was the best! We just made food our of paper, and other materials. Me and maddy made a hamburger and kass made a cupcake and mackenzie made an ice cream cone. We were playing music before it started and that was fun because it had speakers so no head phones. There was like a college kid helping the lady and he was sooo funny! He was like ''you spanish forkers think your bettter!'' Hahaha! The girls in back of us kept saying ''oh. my. gosh. That is so legit! No-This is legit. Remember that one time? That was sooo legit! Legit! Legit! Legit!'' So when we walked out of that class me and maddy were like ''Legit Legit Legit. OH MY GOSH-- LEGIT!'' It was soooo funny! Then this high school girl made this huge hot dog and before we got done she held it up and said ''HOT DOG'' and she was like looking around waiting of someone to laugh. It was funny, ok? Haha. and when we got done she and her group walked out , held up her hot dog and she yelled ''GO TO PROP FOOD!!!!!!'' Ya had to be there it was funnnyyy!!! Then on the way there me, maddy, mackenzie, and kass were singing Bad romance by lady gaga really loud even though I hate that song and we were screaming Single ladies by Beyonce. Haha! Then we went to this really cool magic show and we got to learn how to make 3 different lengths of rope turn into 3 of the same length. And we got to keep the string kit too. Then we found our drama teacher and she wanted us to go to a class that was soo borning so we met her there and sat in the back. It was really funny because she was in front of us a few rows and half way through the class she turned to us and gave us a look like she was going to die because of how boring it was! Haha we kept trying to sneak out and we did and got in line for dinner first. Dinner was sooo funny!!! This guy kept saying pis*ed ( *= for the sake of my mom) and this girl kept saying "LANGUAGE!!!'' ''Watch your language'' and he wouldnt stop so she slammed her stuff down and went to find our teacher. She is so awesome and funny! Then our student teacher was like trying to calm her down but both couldnt stop laughing Haha she is awesome! Then our table was like screaming and singing all these songs and yelling and all the high school kids were like staring at us. We were doing our clap thing in what we learned at the junk music and this random guy came and sat by us and tried to do it and he was like ''sorry, im just really werid''. Haha! It was funny! There was this guy with a rainbow sweater on and he was walking around like he was drunk and so me and maddy were like ''oh my gosh!! Its the drunk guy!!'' Haha he was pretty cool even though we never met him. Then we went to a play and went home. It was sooooo fun!!!


Mommo said...

I like that paper food. It looks like it would be hard to make a hamburger. Very cool. Sounds like a fun day.

Kim said...

Does sound like a fun day! Glad you got to go. Love the food too!

--MaCkEnZiE-- said...

BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! lol josh.....hahhahahah!!! i miss ms.clement haha she was the best ever!!! mrs.poulsen is so funny i love her!!