Saturday, May 30, 2009


hey! ok the last day of school was a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!! these are some of the pictures that we took on the last day and the last week of school!

(k so the last song on my playlist reminds me of the school, and friends and blah blah blah, and other things.. . but yeah! it was really weird cuz i set my alarm clock to the radio and i woke up to that song!)
(now the 8th from the bottom.)

me and kassadi. i was trying to do the cool lip thing but it didnt work! ha ha, i look so dumb.
i loved kassadi, shes awesome! 

all of us outside while our class played kickball

last day of school on the tramp
last day
last day

me and jamie! jamie is SOOO hilarious!
last day!
mackenzie, me, casey (casey is our little bro, ha ha)
miss reidhead! she was AWESOME

Mackenzie, me chantelle- chantelle was my science partner and she is SO COOL! 

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